• Question: Why do we have earth quakes?

    Asked by victor9 to Austin, Kirsty, Nicola, Nike, Sarah on 21 Jun 2012.
    • Photo: Kirsty Ross

      Kirsty Ross answered on 21 Jun 2012:

      Earthquakes are a result of two plates of the earth’s crust rubbing together. Most of the time they do not move. This can cause pressure to build up along the joints. This pressure is then released in a jerk that we experience as an earthquake. They are more common around the edges of plates, although they can sometimes happen in the centre.

    • Photo: Nike Dattani

      Nike Dattani answered on 22 Jun 2012:

      All the land is located on plates called “tectonic plates” which are like puzzle pieces that make up the surface on which the land sits. When those puzzle peaces move, the land on top of the puzzle pieces experiences an earth quake !