Thank you from your winner Kirsty

I can’t believe I won!

Thank you so much to all the students who took the time to vote and ask such interesting questions. They certainly stretched my general knowledge. I’d also like to thank the other scientists for being such good sports, especially Austin and Sarah.

I loved taking part, especially in the live chats, where I typed faster than ever before! I also really enjoyed the Ask section where I tried to take a little more time to answer your questions in greater depth.

I am planning on spending the money on training to design new and exciting activities that I can bring into schools. I’d like to then bring those activities into the schools that joined in the live chats, so hopefully I’ll be able to see some of you in person in the very near future!


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  1. austinelliott says:

    Well done, Kirsty.

    I hope when the activities are worked out, you’ll stick them on a blog somewhere so we can hear what they are?!

    PS Let me know if you do a gig at the school behind M’cr Univ (Trinity High Sch, I think) and I’ll buy you a cup of coffee if I’m around.

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